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 nasdaq 2010 forecast...a huge market crash for march - june 2010, like october 1929?


Anticipate the next market crash! SSR forecast has identified accurately the timing of the next market crash. It will be a major down trend that will occur around march-june 2010. It is likely that it will be the biggest crash in market history since 1929.

SSR forecast technolgies is providing accurate market forecast based on a proprietary algorithm. The extract above has been optimized for nasdaq.

SSR forecast has been developped by a software engineering company: SPROSYS

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Lori Cohen, le 21-07-2011 à 08:22:14 :

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 ssrforecast, le 03-01-2010 à 06:31:24 :

ssrforecast comment

This financial forecast tool has been initiated in 2007 and has demonstrated great accuracy since, so I am confident in this march-june 2010 forecast. However, only time will tell... In 6 months we will know if this forecast was right or not

immob, le 14-09-2009 à 06:54:39 :


Cette tendance, si elle venait à être confirmée  et se produire serait dramatique pour le système économique qui ne pourrait cette fois-ci se relever d'une nouvelle crise . Le système a atteint dernierement un point de rupture sans précédent. Une nouvelle crise serait fatale.

L'immobilier s'effondrerait littéralement.

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